It’s basically impossible to exaggerate Switzerland’s beauty. And in the process of making it home, adjusting to the culture, etc…  just a walk in our own neighborhood never fails to remind us how blessed we are for that chance.

we don’t have a yard or a balcony, but we do “have” a lake at least. 😉 This is our shared entry behind the house.
my eskimo walking on ice- it froze enough on the edges that some people even ice-skated!
What you would see stepping out our front door.
















The same train you can see going by our front window. It’s how we get around, but it’s worth a ticket just to see the panoramic view of the lake.

Choose your favorite season to come and it’s likely not to disappoint no matter what time of year that is. Watch for photos of our timber framed apartment sometime in the near future!

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