We’re Ber and Kay.

Kay is the blogger and photographer and Ber is the cheer squad and technical support.

Kay is from the US, Texas to be exact. Ber is from Hungary. We met a few years back in Hungary. Ber asked to date Kay right before she was to move back to the US. She said no.

Meanwhile we kept in touch and ended up starting an LDR (long distance relationship).

Then Kay moved to Germany, then back to the US, then back to Germany, while Ber moved to England then Switzerland, until finally, we married, and we now both live in Switzerland. (Obviously that’s the short version.)

Why Switzerland?  Geez you and literally everybody else asks this question, including us on some days. But the answer is pretty simple for now. Ber is a student of electrical engineering at a university in Zürich. One of those “too good to pass up” opportunities so here we are. And because, why not Switzerland? It’s as beautiful as they say and even more.

We both love to travel.

And both act like little kids when we’re exploring a new city or natural wonder. We love to travel back to Hungary and we even went back there to have our wedding. While we will jump at a chance to visit iconic cities of Europe, we also like finding the lesser known treasures and sharing them with everyone we meet. (think that annoying aunt and uncle who had a million slides when they came back from their Caribbean cruise-that’s us.)

Kay also likes coffee, her camera (FujiFilm xt20), and bettering her Social Media Marketing skills. Ber likes his computer, watching Netflix series and taking his oversized rubber boat out on the lake, what we like to call “our backyard”.

Our faith is important to us.

We know firsthand that God’s grace is a real thing and we’re dependent on it daily. We are really grateful for the life and peace He has given us, even on the days we really miss our families and comforts of our homelands.

We hope you’ll be encouraged by our life journey- both to physical destinations and the spiritual lessons along the way. It’s great fun to share our wanderlust and fuel yours, but at the same time we know it’s hard to see that the grass growing right beneath us can truly be the greenest. The aim is to encourage us all however we can, to appreciate the smaller beautiful details of life whether at home or abroad.

Do we sound intriguing? Haha, I doubt it! But in case we’ve piqued your curiosity, you can subscribe to the blog and follow along on Instagram where we post daily!

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