The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride is part travel blog, part spiritual journal, and part ‘life as a wife’.

I have a wandering heart. Maybe it’s a syndrome. Perhaps something I was born with.

My ever loving husband tames it (though it remains free and a bit wild) and my ever patient God steers it with His grace.

I am the runaway bride who married in spite of her trust issues. I am the runaway bride who in spite of her continual wanderlust, desires greatly in this season to learn to stay and make a home—a safe place.

Her heart and mind still roam the earth however, wondering about how other people live and what the perspective of the world is from there. Sometimes she actually gets the chance to go. God meets her in those places too and His grace brings her back home with the courage for another round of life.

Meanwhile, she writes, she takes pictures, she attempts to capture her own perspective of this fleeting life. Striving to see each new day as an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to highlight the beauty–The rough and ugly parts not excluded– but instead redefining them as the unrecognized beauty of process, journey, and refinement of the soul.

Did you go to college? Travel the world? Find your dream job? Get married? Have children? All of the above? None of the above? We can tend to look at each other and think the other has it all together or the more “exciting life”, when actually embracing the life we have, can, in reality, be the biggest and best adventure of all.

I’m honored to share bits of my adventure with you, and I’m most looking forward to hearing about yours. Hopefully no matter what path you are walking you will find encouragement here.

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