Photo by Rachel M. on the streets of Hungary

Much of the inspiration for this blog was the realization that so many of my friends and I were living out similar seasons of life but in TOTALLY different ways. Many of us are in our mid to upper twenties heading into our thirties or already there, and looking around us wondering, “Is this is it?”

If you took any one of us as an example, you’d find really beautiful things in our lives which others may not have. And similar to the old adage that the grass is always greener, it can be hard to appreciate those things when we are transfixed on what we feel we’re missing out on.

Though I never imagined in a million years I would end up living in Europe, I knew I didn’t necessarily want to settle down and do everything expected of a highschool grad, then wife, then mother. But ironically, after all the adventures, that is exactly what I dream about many days, wondering if I will ever be able to experience that settled life my friends have who focused on family and building a life while I was traipsing all over the world.

Many of them on the other hand have told me that they wish they could travel more. Some see my life as the adventure they never had. I can’t deny the excitement of it, but the fact of the matter is, sometimes we can appreciate for others, what they cannot fully appreciate for themselves. If you asked me, I’d have a long list of “stress factors” and things about my situation I’d like to change too.

Although I want to use this blog to help and inspire those who are able to travel, it is in no way my intention to create discontentment and more of the buzzword “wanderlust” for those feeling stuck. It IS my intention to bring you along for as much of the ride as virtually possible. My hope is that by embracing and appreciating my own life and surroundings I can encourage you to do the same. Yours is a gift. How I wish I could help you see how much of a gift. I’ll try to be honest with you about the difficulties of expat life, and you can feel free to be honest about the difficulties and advantages (!) of your adventure. And if you are really struggling with where you are at, perhaps in truly difficult circumstances wherein you feel trapped and helpless, I hope you can sense you are not ever alone in your struggles. If you’ve ever prayed a prayer to the tune of, “Lord get me through it, or get me out,” rest assured, your prayer is being heard. Without presuming too much about the will of the heavenly Father, I can promise you He will always do one or the other.

Welcome along for the ride! And cheers to all of us and our individual adventures. To those who wish some days to runaway from home, to those who wish some days to runaway to home, to those of us who even wonder where in the world is home? And to those of you who are already there and perfectly content to stay…

Comment below and let me know you’re here?

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