If you follow me on Instagram you know we were recently in Bern, Switzerland for a little visit. The highlight was our lovely accommodation: Bed and Breakfast Wildrose. A villa nestled into a quiet but central neighborhood, you’ll find it on a little street called Mayweg less than a 10 minute walk from the American Embassy.

When I was a kid I used to love watching the movie Sarah Plain and Tall. If you’re not familiar with the story it’s about a gentle and dignified, but completely unpretentious woman from back east who becomes a farmer’s wife and moves west. She has children with him and builds a life. At one point in the story when things are especially difficult on the farm, Sarah takes her children back east to visit her aunts and Maine. I still dream about visiting Maine because of that movie. The aunts were lively, full of personality, and cat lovers, helping Sarah and her children to laugh and relax again.

bern wildrose

This comes so much closer to describing our visit at Stefan and Sonya’s Bed and Breakfast, than simply calling it our accommodation. On top of enjoying good old fashioned hospitality, we benefited from their insider’s knowledge of the city of Bern and were treated like family. Let me tell you about our experience there and then if you go to make a reservation I recommend making it for several days so you can fully enjoy the town and this beautiful –completely renovated but historic– 100 year old home in Bern, Switzerland.

When a man can look upon the simple wildrose,
and feel no pleasure, his taste has been corrupted.
— Henry Ward Beecher

First Impressions

Arriving to the Bern train station it was just a short walk to Bed and Breakfast Wildrose. This was our own choice, but actually there are trams close by which go regularly. Our first impression was how quiet the neighborhood is for being so centrally located. Upon arriving Sonya greeted us at the door. After showing us around a bit and introducing us to Stella the director of public relations (specializing in purring and cuddles), we had time to get settled into our beautiful room.

Before hitting the town, Sonya gave us both Bern Tickets which could be used on all Bern transportation for the length of our stay. Because of the chilly temps these especially came in handy. In addition to helping us understand the layout of Bern, she knew tidbits of history which made our touring later a bit like a treasure hunt. Stefan had also made a really handy brochure of top things to see. With our map, our tickets, restaurant recommendations and curiosity about the city of Bern, we were absolutely prepared to make the most of those couple of days.

The Bed

bed and breakfast wildrose

Bed comes first in Bed and Breakfast then the breakfast. And I’ve got one word to describe it: Comfortable. Care was taken in choosing the mattress. The only drawback was that it made it that much harder to get up and leave our room Belle Epoque in the mornings. Sonya asked me the next morning how we’d slept. I only remember in my sleepy stupor talking about how comfortable the bed was.

bed and breakfast wildrose bern switzerland

bed and breakfast switzerland

The huge windows flooded the room with light making it the cheeriest indoor space I’ve come upon this winter. And in case you have a real bad case of the winter blues which not even sun light can cure, Stella the cat is nearby to provide a little extra cuddle therapy.

sunlight bed and breakfasttea wildrose

stella the catstella bed and breakfast catcat model wildrosestella a very special catcat bern switzerland

Note: Stella was only allowed in the room if we wanted her in there. Though I’m sure she’s warmed the hearts of many guests, we left feeling like we must have been her favorites. Apart from cuddling she also seemed to enjoy modeling. There’s a reason it’s called “the cat walk”, hence all the cute cat pictures.

To be honest, we didn’t stay out late either night because our cozy room was beckoning us. We probably drank enough tea for four guests. We were really grateful for this warmth in our hands after exploring Bern on the chilliest days of winter.

make a cup for mecorner for tealets have tea bed and breakfast wildrose

The Bath

Our private bath located a few steps outside our room, was spacious and very clean. We didn’t feel inconvenienced or that we had any less privacy because of it being located outside our room. Most importantly for Ber, as mentioned here, there was a radio for the music he needs to be able to sing in the shower.

The Breakfast

The dining experience at Bed and Breakfast Wildrose is a step above a hotel breakfast and not just because of the food. Sonya would ask us the day before what time we thought we’d like breakfast so that the table was freshly prepared when we came to the dining room. Unlike a hotel we didn’t get up to serve ourselves. The buffet was literally spread before us and Sonya was on standby to indulge our whims (coffee!). One morning our breakfast time coincided with the other guests, a friendly couple whom we enjoyed chatting with. The nutrition but also the atmosphere like being in a friend or family member’s kitchen, was a great jumpstart to our day.

The food and drink itself was like how my mom cooks but only when guests come. Homemade lemonade, homemade power smoothies, homemade bread. Cheeses and meats of several variety and not the same ones every day.

The dining room drew me in the moment I laid eyes on it in a photograph. My only defined dream for a future home is to a have a long rustic dining room table such as this one. Flea markets in France are where Sonya’s found much of her charming decor and dishes. When she told me this I began to also dream about running a Bed and Breakfast decorated with chic French antiques and decor. For my personal tastes, this is classier and more charming than the most modern hotel!

bed and breakfast wildrosezopf swiss bread

The Bed and Breakfast Concept

bern bed and breakfastswiss bed and breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts are becoming a bit of a lost art in the age of Airbnbs and highscale resorts. They in many ways belong to a class of their own. Some advantages of staying in someone’s home could also be the reason people are hesitant to stay in a Bed and Breakfast.

There will potentially be more human contact than in an Airbnb rental you’ve rented all to yourself. So for me, it’s valuable to know going into it that your hosts will be as welcoming as Stefan and Sonya. I peeked at other reviews online and saw that Stefan and Sonya’s welcoming vibes and warm hospitality were really a theme. This was truly an incredible chance for us to experience Bern in a much more personal way. It was special and yet like home, without the responsibilities of home.

welcome bnb wildrose

We enjoyed our stay at Bed and Breakfast Wildrose in exchange for this honest article about our experience. As always the views are my own! It’s especially my honor to highlight small businesses, and ones which I would personally recommend to my own mother. If I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t recommend them to you either. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our visit to Bern and our stay at Bed and Breakfast Wildrose.

Pin the image below for when you’re planning your stay in Bern!

Bed and Breakfast Wildrose Bern Switzerland

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This sounds like an incredible experience! I would gladly do an Bed & Breakfast experience. Brings back a sense of nostalgia for days of old and simpler times. Something so heartwarming and truly special about the experience. xo


Oh this looks absolutely wonderful! My family just moved to Switzerland and this looks like a great weekend getaway! It’s so quaint and adorable. I’d love to visit sometime!

Abbie Synan

This looks heavenly! I’m a big fan of a B&B over a larger hotel chain, this ambience is exactly why. I’ll add it to my list 🙂

Sujenne Macaay

This b&b is just beautiful. Very nice and crisp looks.


Ah, there’s something so comfy and warming about an actual bed and breakfast, let alone one as gorgeous as this one in Switzerland!

Chirasree Banerjee

Oh dear! How I miss Bern!
Glad I came across this place through your article. I will definitely keep it in mind for our next visit.

Kelly Mongan

That looks like such a charming place! We absolutely love Switzerland, but have never visited Bern. I’ll have to add it to our list!

Nina | Lemons and Luggage

This looks so lovely! The cat is really cute and reason enough to go there, I think! 😀


What a charming place. I love to stay in places that are more like a home away from home than a hotel room! And the food looks amazing. Yum.


A few things:

1. I LOVE your blog name!
2. Your photography is gorgeous making this Bed and Breakfast appear just as magical as I am sure it is.
3. You said exactly what I am thinking when it comes to a Bed and Breakfast – “Some advantages of staying in someone’s home could also be the reason people are hesitant to stay in a Bed and Breakfast.” I’m an introvert, but really appreciate the special touches they provided you making your trip that much better!


Daniella, Thank you so much. And yes, I’ve become more and more of introvert as of late and so such thoughts definitely do cross my mind. Stefan and Sonya were very friendly and also respectful. Thank you for visiting and for your comment. Made my day 🙂


it looks so nice! I’d love to visit Switzerland 🙂


This looks like a heavenly experience. Your photos are gorgeous. My mom has always wanted to go to Switzerland and she loves B&Bs. I’m definitely recommending this to her!

Joy Generoso

What a lovely accommodation. I wouldn’t mind staying in this place taking care of this cutie cat. 🙂


What a great place to stay! I love how the owner collected the antique French dishes for dining. You get so much more special touches in family-owned places like this. They’re so much more memorable that way.


This place looks so quaint and peaceful! Thanks for sharing your experience.


Beautiful bed & breakfast! Also, I really like your writing and photos 🙂