We made it

I am happy to say we made it to Hungary and are enjoying our time here– The first visit back as a couple since the wedding.

Between having ridden the bus through the night just to get here, and my mind being flooded with both old and new Hungarian words, I’m pretty tired. It’s a happy kind of tired though. We’re spending a lot of time with Ber’s family today right now. It’s been great, other than the being tired part. As other expats and travelers know, living in another language can be as much exhausting as it is fascinating.

Live life, Write life.

I’m doing my best to process everything including taking lots of pictures for you guys. Full days means a full schedule of blog posts to come. Live life, Write life. It only works in that order! So it’s great that you are sticking around while I runaway collecting some wild tales to tell. 😉

By the way, I’m realizing more and more, that my connection to Hungary could be the specific niche’ I’ve been looking for in my blogging. I would love to be a part of promoting small businesses here if that opportunity comes up. I know not everyone will be able to travel here in the future, and I don’t want to bore people with a country they hardly know or can’t relate to. BUT on the other hand, I love contributing to cultural awareness– just helping others broaden their own worlds by discovering other worlds even from the comfort of home. I think I can make that enjoyable and interesting for you too.

Best wishes and happy trails to those of you also traveling. I’m posting fairly often on Instagram and Instagram Stories so be sure and follow me over there to keep up with us.

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