Berlingen, Switzerland

Our first home together. A village of less than a thousand on the border of Germany and Switzerland.

We couldn’t believe our fortune when the cheapest apartment we could find actually had direct access to the lake. After two years there, no post office or grocery store, we started believing our fortune. But at least there was always the lake.

Berlingen, Switzerland. Where I was sick with Mono and Bernat proved what he had said just a couple of months before about in sickness and health. Where we first went out on Bernat’s deluxe rubber boat he bought on Amazon. Where we admittedly felt quite lonely, but fell more and more in love with each other.

Berlingen, where we found out we were expecting Meri Jo, just a few weeks before these photos were taken.

Last fall we moved away, and I’m so happy to have these to memorialize that important though difficult season of our lives. As idyllic as the little village is, it feels good that chapter is closed to be honest. I do look back and see much of God’s faithfulness though. Pictures have a way of helping us remember the good, which isn’t a bad thing and makes me the more grateful for artists like Samantha who took these for us.

Please check out more of Samantha Genido’s work on her blog and Instagram.

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I know this part of Bodensee communities 🙂 Very idyllic. I guess postal services and groceries are available in Steckborn or Ermatingen, and Kreuzlingen isn’t a long drive either?

Gorgeous pictures!

I feel like a sequel is in order. Where did you guys move to, and how are things there?