Budapest Hotel Moments is part of Ber’s and my happily ever after love story. So this may actually be the most fun hotel review I will ever write. Granted, these were merely the first two days of our ever after, but they were definitely happy.

The Married Life Adventure Begins

It was the wee hours of the morning, following the most beautiful and perfect day of our lives. Still clad in our wedding clothes, we crawled into the tiny space which was the backseat of our getaway car.

I could have run away faster in my dress than that little car, (a Trabant), could actually get away. But we savored every second snuggled up in that backseat. We laughed like kids with every urch and squeal as the runaway bride and groom made their most “important” escape of their lives in that turtle, lawnmower-engine of a car.

Destination Andrassy Street, Budapest Hotel Moments

Budapest Hotel Moments
Budapest Hotel Moments

We must have looked ridiculous pulling up to the most beautiful hotel in Budapest in that old car. But it wasn’t one of those moments in life when you stop to think about what others think.

With a little help, I was somehow able to climb out without tearing my poofy dress. Then, waving our goodbyes to the car and our chauffeur (my brand new brother-in-law), we floated in the door as if in a dream.

Reality Check: When reality is the same as you dreamed

We had spent hours trying to decide which hotel to stay in and finally decided on Budapest Hotel Moments for its good ratings and breathtaking pictures of breakfast. I admit it was I who was sold on the breakfast from the first second (hashtag hungry brides).

After all that searching to find just the right one, our expectations were naturally high. We’d done our research so we were counting on our hosts to deliver!

And deliver they did. From the moment we waltzed in that door feeling as though the world actually revolved around us, to when we walked back out as 2 day-old-newlyweds, our every whim was served.

Fast forward to just a few days ago

We stayed again at the 4 star Budapest Hotel Moments just the week before last. This time we weren’t the stars. In fact, we were dressed in rumpled travel clothes and maybe even a bit less well dressed than your average guest at a 4 star hotel. And guess what. We were still treated like royalty.

Budapest Hotel Moments
The lobby is a welcoming place with a modernized historic feel. Tea and coffee bar all day long!

5 Reasons to choose Budapest Hotel Moments

(And actually none of those five reasons have anything to do with us or our little honeymoon stay). These are 5  objective reasons to choose this hotel over the overwhelming amount of choices. Lots of pictures included to confirm that I’m not telling you a fairy tale!

1 . Bed fit for a queen

2 . Breakfast for hungry brides

3 . Service that goes the extra kilometer

4 . Ideal location for everyone

5 . Because we said so

Budapest Hotel Moments
Rooms are spacious, extremely quiet, with lots of natural light if desired!

The bed

The bed was the most comfortable of any hotel bed I’ve ever slept on. Usually I sleep over somewhere and the bed is for the percentage of people who like really hard beds. I don’t like to sleep on a giant pillow, but I definitely like a little cushion. And, the pillows on this bed were not a feather too fluffy and not a feather too flat. I slept like a baby at this hotel.

The breakfast

I honestly don’t know where to start or where I should end. Grilled veggies, omelette or fried eggs, a variety of sausages and cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies, cereals, and every breakfast drink you can think of including champagne.

Ironically, I’m not much of a breakfast eater at home, but the feast which is breakfast at this hotel, will make everyone into a breakfast eater. Promise. PLUS, good coffee!

The dining room is my favorite part of the building. I love the way it’s decorated and of course I love that food is part of the grand display. A hungry creative’s delight.

By the way, you also have the option to have breakfast brought to your room. You order the night before and its delivered in style the next morning. We, like the sappy newlyweds that we were our first visit, naturally thought it terribly romantic the first morning married to have a cart with food fit for a king plus a bottle of champagne, right outside our door.

The service

In our experience the service is unbeatable. We were always met with smiles and obliging service 100% of the time. The staff spoke English well.

Both stays we walked into extremely clean rooms to find a handwritten personalized welcome note, chocolate, and champagne. When we wanted to visit the sauna, bathrobes and slippers were brought to our door. When my husband forgot his razor (ehem, these things happen when you travel, people), they supplied one.

Budapest hotel momentsThe location

The location of Budapest Hotel Moments is on a beautiful, famous street of Budapest, super close to St. Stephen’s Basilica and the Opera house. There are many nice restaurants on the street, including the Bistro Fine attached to the hotel. (Best Ratatouille!) Taxis frequent the area and a metro station is right around the corner.

budapest hotel moments st. stephen's basilica
St. Stephens Basilica-my dream is to stay in the Hotel’s suite which overlooks it!

We recommend!

Everything combined, we give our experience 5 stars and definitely hope to return. So the 5th reason you should stay at Budapest Hotel Moments (although there are many others), is because you know someone who stayed there, and they said it was amazing, and you know we wouldn’t steer you wrong. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have questions about our stay, feel free to ask them. Comment below if you would stay here if you got the chance! AND last but not least, if you found this post useful or would like to save it for future reference, then help yourself (and help us) by saving, sharing, and pinning using the image hotel moments

Disclaimer: We would like to thank Budapest Hotel Moments for the opportunity to review their hotel in exchange for a one night stay.

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Liliane Fawzy

That breakfast bar looks heavenly. I’m normally not a breakfast person either but totally eat everything in sights while staying in hotels. Great post and review!


Thanks, Liliane! The pictures don’t even do the breakfast bar justice. I was truly impressed. Also, because they took care that all the food was quickly replenished and that everything looked nice.

Sandra Crespo
Sandra Crespo

Omg this hotel looks beautiful! I can’t wait to start traveling abroad! I am adding this to my Budapest travels. Great to hear that even though you weren’t dressed technically for a 4 star hotel they still treated you great that’s so important and shows a lot !!! Ty for sharing


Hey Sandra, Thanks for dropping by. I really hope you can go to Budapest! It’s a beautiful city.

Jeannie | Life With a View

Well this place looks beautiful! I loved Budapest, such a fun city. P.s. Love your clean website and beautiful photos Kay!


Thank you Jeannie, that means a lot! I’m pretty sure if you loved Budapest, we’d be friends 😀 It’s not a perfect city but somehow all of its imperfections and uniqueness are what make me so curious about it.

Daphne Lee

Lovely honeymoon! I am planning to spend a month in Budapest in the summer, probably not in this fancy hotel but I’ll certainly keep this in mind for special occasion 😉


Thanks Daphne! I hope you really enjoy Budapest.