Nestled halfway between Budapest and Vienna , lies a little city you quite possibly have never heard of. Győr, Hungary (pronounced “jur” as in “jury”, for lack of a better way to explain it) isn’t exactly on the list of top European destinations. This fact, honestly, only seems to add to its charm for me.

The perfect place to get off the train for an afternoon stroll through the city center, Győr boasts of beautiful, colorful baroque architecture. The first thing you will see when you get of the train, is their majestic city hall.


Győr will be home to the European Youth Olympic Festival this coming summer (July 23-29), and much has been done around the city in preparation. Győr is also home to an Audi car factory, the ever expanding German car company, which has created many jobs for the area. In fact, anytime you see an Audi TT anywhere in the world, it was made there.

Oh and did I mention I lived more than two years in Győr? They were two of the fullest and best years of my life. Since “the people make the place” for me, that means Győr is also home to some of my favorite people. My husband and I first met there (in late 2011) and his family still lives there. I am always so happy for the chance to return there to visit family and friends.

Győr, Hungary
Széchenyi Tér (The main square)

The small city is obviously much more low key than the hopping Budapest, but sometimes, all someone needs is a slow walk through a quieter city, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. One of our favorite things to do is just sit at the main square or walk through the cobblestone streets having an ice cream or drinking a coffee (Or a mulled wine in the wintertime). For those looking for more, there are gorgeous churches, museums, malls, concerts, sports events, thermals and other things to do.

As much as I like to talk about the place, we all know, a picture’s worth more than a thousand words. If pictures can’t convince you to hop off the train on your way between Budapest and Vienna, than I guess nothing will.

Győr, Hungary

Győr, Hungary

Győr, Hungary

Győr, Hungary

You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

If you are planning a trip to Hungary and are interested in visiting our favorite little town of Győr, we are at your service. We don’t know all there is to know but we certainly have our sources. 😉

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Daphne Lee

Wow, it must be a nostalgic place for you then, if you had met Mr. Right in this city! I can’t wait to visit Budapest in June and I will definitely hit up this town if I have a chance. How far is this exactly and how long do you think I will need there?


Yes, it definitely is nostalgic for us 🙂 Its about 1.5 hours. I think its perfect for a day trip!

Liliane Fawzy

This is such a cute little town! Also love that it seems like you have the entire place to yourself!


Good eye Liliane! These were taken on a Sunday morning which is by far the calmest time. But in general its not an overcrowded place which I love.