She became my world

while changing who I was

inside of it.

My self identity seems somewhat elusive as her mom,

who has time for anything else?

Yet she brings me closer to who I always knew myself to be,

and that’s more than a mom and “just a mom” all in the same breath.

I introduced her to this world,

but every day in every little way,

she re-introduces it to me.

She’s here showing me unconditional love.

Hers for me and mine for her.

Every normal thing about her is also a miracle

and while perhaps she is an average one year old,

I would never guess it.

I wish I had the time to tell you about her birth story,

her first year story,

and everything she has learned,

and all the ways she reacted to learning to live.

But I don’t have the time,

because that much time never existed.

That in one year such a vulnerable little one

can learn and do so much,

has taught me a lot about how I want to live.

Time passes quicker than a long breath.

Dependency is not always bad because vulnerability can be power.

Love acts and does not consider it a sacrifice.

Words are not enough. So why do I try?

Oh, well.

Happy first birthday to the one and only Meri Jocelyn.

Note: Posted one day early as we will be celebrating our travel buddy’s birthday while flying over the ocean.

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Loved every part of it! Beautiful words… thank you for sharing

Anna Banks

So so beautiful, Kaylene! I think I could cry. The words and the video are both 👌🏻