I wonder if you’d asked me 10 years ago what I knew about the land of the Magyar, if I would have even been able to tell you if the capital is Budapest or Bucharest.

And I wonder if I would have, could have believed you, if you’d told me that I would end up going to Hungary, living in Hungary, and falling in love with Hungary before proceeding to fall in love in Hungary. Who’d have ever thunk that I’d go from not knowing the difference between Budapest and Bucharest to marrying my HHH (hothungarianhusband) right smack dab in the middle of Budapest?!

Hungary, a tiny little country nestled in central Europe, could fit into my home state of Texas seven and a half times, but the world wouldn’t be able to handle that much Hungary.

Say I’m exaggerating, but then meet and build relationships with the people. Say I’m exaggerating, but then taste the food. Say I’m exaggerating, but then visit Hungary from its eastern to western, northern to southern border, and you’ll see what I mean. Maybe Budapest has been recommended to you already, but there’s so many more places and reasons that make the country one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

I wanted so very much to share a whole album with you this week of this amazing country–it seems wrong somehow that I now have four albums up and none of them are of Hungary– but as I poured over my folders of digitalized memories, only a few really compared well to reality. (It wasn’t really a time in my life when I was concentrating on bettering my photographer skills even though I did take quite a few photos).

I still have more to sort through, but I also had another thought. Why don’t I take some new ones, just for you guys?

That idea popped up when I found out we’ll most likely be taking a trip to our beloved home away from home in the next couple of weeks, and the longer I thought about it the more I liked the idea. We both win. Upon my return (or maybe even during the trip) you’ll get some up to date pictures of the places I go in Hungary this time, and I’ll have the added motivation to get my camera out the whole time, with the goal of taking that one awesome pic that can best convey to someone who has never been there, what words fail to say: what makes Hungary so great that Kay just won’t shut up about it.

Sounds like a pretty high calling for my photography skills, but I’m up for the challenge. Meanwhile, here’s a couple snapshots I dug up from the ones which did make my critical cut for whatever sentimental reason. (That sounds like a contradiction in terms, but…it isn’t).

beautiful buildings – rich culture – adorable old people – treasured friends & hot wine at christmas markets

P.S… I’m counting my chicks a little bit before they’ve hatched. In other words, pray we can find a steal of a deal on a bus or train ticket so this little spontaneous trip becomes a reality.

P.P.S… Speaking of chicks, my husband’s new thing is calling me his chick. Unfortunately for me, he uses the Hungarian translation of the word which sounds like ‘pee pee’. Doesn’t feel very sexy for me, but who knows…after time maybe…

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Brittany Hamer
Brittany Hamer

Love this! I look forward to seeing more! Hungary seems like a wonderful place!


It is 🙂 thanks for the visit and comment!


I’ve been thinking about traveling to Budapest for ages now. I think I really will do it this year.


Do it, do it! If you’ve never been there, Vienna is less than 3 hours away as well. And halfway between Vienna and Budapest is a hidden treasure– a city called Győr! Obviously, I get a little excited about that part of the world, but if you really do plan a trip and want more tips just let me know 😉

The Lipstick Print
The Lipstick Print

Adorable the PSS. about him calling you chick and the translation! I love it.The pictures are amazing! It looks like a very beautiful place!


Haha, thanks. The language barrier is our greatest foe and also our biggest source of humor sometimes…

Anna Nuttall

When I went travelling two years ago through Europe. I was disappointed we never got to Hungary. We are planning on travelling again so hopefully next time.


Obviously, I strongly recommend it 😀 I’ve lived now in 3 countries in Europe, and to me, Hungary just has the most vibrant, most fascinating culture!


“But the world couldn’t handle that much Hungary” – so well said :)) It’s awesome to read about my country through your eyes.