If I didn’t realize it while we were there, I’ve definitely realized it going through the pictures again. Piran, Slovenia is one of my favorite travel surprises to date. 

A few days before we left for Slovenia, I mentioned in my facebook travel group that we were headed to the little country. Two people recommended Piran at the seaside. I’d never heard of it, and in fact hadn’t really given much thought to the fact that Slovenia even had a seashore.

But indeed it has. Nestled between Croatia and Italy’s shores, I imagined that back when Slovenia became a country in 1991, someone said,”Oh here Slovenia, you can have some sea too”. And just like Slovenia itself, it’s tiny but terrific.

I’ve learned over the last eight years of traveling around Europe, that it’s better to err on the side of not seeing everything humanly possible in a short amount of time vs. nearly killing yourself to see as much as possible and still not getting to see everything. So I figured three days in Slovenia would make us pretty limited on what we could see. Piran had shown up a little too late on my radar. Or so I thought.

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THANKFULLY Ber and I realized on our first day there, just how small Slovenia really is. Lake Bled was an hour away and that was definitely on our to-do list for the next day. But Piran was also not so far and our third day was still open.

It didn’t take us long to agree that one day in the city, one day at the lake, and one day at the sea would make for an unforgettable trip celebrating our first anniversary. So  checking out of our hotel in Ljubljana on our last day in Slovenia, we hopped on a bus for the two hour ride to colorful, charming little Piran at the seaside.

Our first discovery upon arrival (besides a bathroom in a coffee shop by the bus stop), was a bakery with burék. I had had my camera to my face, already snapping away, when all of a sudden I smelled something. People were walking by with the cheese filled pastry. Suddenly we were very hungry. If you visit Piran, cross over to the little street which goes a little diagonally away from the lake, and treat yourself. It was 7 or 8 inches of delicious for a couple of Euros.

I loved how the exact same tones in the paintings, I could also find in the sea and sky around us.

We Piran is small, sweet, and with tiny back streets going every which way. If you’re anything like me, and doors and windows take up half your hard drive space, Piran should probably be on your list of top places to visit in Slovenia. Heck, it should be on your list of top places in Europe!

Ber led us an “alternative” way up the hill to the church overlooking the sea. I may have questioned his intuition a time or two, but I have to say, he was right on (per normal). Up skinny stairs, passing doorways painted cheery colors, and then suddenly, a gorgeous view of the whole town and the seaside.

Just a few steps further, in the church courtyard, we looked over the town wall to see the beautiful coastline.

Piran Slovenia Seaside Church

Piran Slovenia Seaside ChurchPiran Slovenia Seaside ChurchPiran Slovenia Seaside Church

Towards the end of the day, we climbed aboard the bus back to Ljubljana. Not that we wanted to leave. I had a wild inclination to stay forever. But it was the last bus for the day and if we didn’t take it, we’d have no place to sleep. So I begrudgingly climbed aboard. After all, it probably wasn’t a good idea to miss our overnight bus back to Switzerland leaving later from Ljubljana.

Cheers to the Sea!

We had explored. We had swam. We had eaten calamari. 

It had been the perfect day.

Except we hadn’t showered after swimming in the sea. But knowing beforehand that we had missed opening seasoning for swimming in Piran by one day and that the public showers were off, would not have changed any of our decisions. We had had an AMAZING day, and nothing could have made us regret anything. If people on the bus back to Switzerland were laughing and pointing at our disheveled appearance– crusty, salted skin and stringy hair– we will never know. We were exhausted and slept like rocks. Almost as if we’d explored a tiny country in three days.

Slovenia Seaside Ber and KaySlovenia Seaside Church Ber and Kay

Check out my other post about our anniversary trip to Slovenia! And stay tuned for Lake Bled and more of Ljubljana.

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Piran Slovenia Coast Seaside Ber and Kay
Piran, Slovenia




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Curious. This is not somewhere I’d ever considered travelling to but it looks really interesting actually and the calamari looks delicious. I love calamari with tentacles!


I’ve been dying to go to Slovenia after a friend sent me dozens of photos of Lake Bled a few months ago. This has just pushed it higher up the list! Piran is so cute, I love it!


Wow! I’ve heard great things in Slovenia but had no idea about this place – will have to add that to my list of places when I finally get there 🙂


Wow will definitely go here when in Slovenia 👍


Never have I ever thought of visiting Slovenia but now you gave me some thoughts about it… Looks really romantic and low-key. Thanks for sharing


Wow this place looks amazing. This just made me so excited, as I am staying in Piran for a couple nights at the end of my trip to Slovenia (that starts Friday!). Thanks for sharing!


It looks so beautiful there! Were there many tourists while you were there?


This looks like a fabulous trip! I’ve never even thought about Slovenia…now I will certainly add it to my list!

Jen S

Slovenia has always been on my list of places I absolutely need to go to (and also has the perk of not being a hugely popular tourist destination). Your pictures are gorgeous!


the place looks like an absolute treasure, from architecture to natural environment.


Beautiful pictures! The ocean looks gorgeous and the buildings look so historical/cultural! I hope to visit some day 🙂


Amazing photos as always. I’ve heard so much about Slovenia lately — I think it’s a sign for me 😉


I want to go to Slovenia, will need to go to here for sure. Lovely pictures


Olivia Thibault

Love all the building architecture and being right on the water looks like a dream! Beautiful place!
xoxo Olivia