Dumb Methods To Die 3: Global Excursion

Dumb Ways to Die three: World Tour is the third collection of Dumb Ways to Die (application) video games. It turned into launched on December twenty first, 2017.Description[]

Dumb Ways to Die introduced you the dumb little Beans that the sector fell in love with. Now it’s time for every other dumbfounding journey!

Help rebuild and maintain the once great town of Dumbville safe, journey to the scorching deserts of Dumbgypt, hike to the frosty summits of Dumb Peak, and journey to the curious planet of Dumbtune and greater in Dumb Ways to Die three: World Tour!

• Get your tools prepared to help make the Dumb World secure another time!

• Collect and play as your preferred Beans!

• Paint and beautify every Town however you notice match!

• Collect loopy amounts of Tokens with Token Rush and Jackpot events!

• Beware of dragons in Castle Catastrophe…

• Ski down the steep, penguin-stuffed slopes of Snow Safari…

• Prepare meals for a first-rate smoothie in Culinary Chaos…

• Soar via the skies above Dumbville in a crazy plane flight…

• Jump and surf via the powerful Pyramids of Dumbgypt…

• See how lengthy you could remaining down Rafty Rapids…

• See how far you can remaining in Pyramid Run…

• Collect specific clothes for all of the Beans!

• Earn Tokens and special gifts with the brand new Daily Bonus! Play every day for more rewards!

• Do your high-quality to hold the Beans alive! They’re relying on you!

• All this and greater in Dumb Ways to Die 3: World Tour!

— (source)Promotion[]

See the main article of the promotional trailersGame[]Beans[]

The game presently features 17 unique characters for the reason that version 1.04 (Android & iOS). The first Bean you can play as is Numpty and the first unlockable Bean is Calamity.BeanAbilityRarityLocationNumpty

FireproofImmune to fireplace harm [notes 1]CommonDefault character, unobtainable in GiftsHapless

Naive+25% Score MultiplierCommonGiftsPillock

Stim PackImmune to the primary hitRareGiftsDippy

WaterproofImmune to fireplace harm[notes 1]CommonGiftsDummkopf

Shocking+10% Token multiplierCommonGiftsStupe

AviatorStupe’s aeroplane can take a further hit!RareRewarded after reparing a medium-sized House (2d row proper) in Dumb Peak, also may be found in GiftsLax

Hearty+10% Score multiplierCommonGiftsClod

Slasher+a hundred% Score multiplierEpicGiftsNumskull

AllstarImmune to hearth damage[notes 1]RareGiftsBungle

Wishy Washy+50% Score multiplierRareRewarded after reparing a medium-sized House (3rd row left) in Dumbgypt, additionally may be discovered in GiftsMishap

FrenemyCollects tokens in near proximityRareGifts or Dumb Ways PackDunce

Rain Maker+one hundred% Token multiplierEpicGiftsCalamity

Omen+10% Score multiplierCommonRewarded after reparing a small-sized House for the duration of Tutorial, additionally may be determined in GiftsBotch

Metal MagnetCollects tokens in near proximityEpicFree Characters promotion (Watch total 5 ADs + closing ADs of Stumble to get him), additionally may be found in GiftsDoofus

Stinger+50% Token multiplierRareGiftsStumble

EdgyImmune to the primary hitCommonFree Characters promoting (Watch general five ADs to get him), additionally may be found in GiftsPutz

Guardian Angel+100% Token multiplierEpicRewarded after reparing a medium-sized House (3rd row proper) in Dumbtune, also can be determined in Gifts↑ 1.zero 1.1 1.2 Immune to hearth boundaries in Pyramid Run; while the pillar part still can damage the bean.Costume[]

Costumes can be received through commencing Gifts.

Click here to see the listing of costumes.Environments[]

Dumbville, Dumb Peak, Dumbgypt, Dumbtune (or Planet Dumb), Dumbcove, and Dumbcastle are the recognized environments in the sport.

Unlike buildings, every ornament without delay generates constant amount of in keeping with 60 minutes; though, best one or some greater of them can be collected in step with environment, every now and then none of them amongst an surroundings might be collected.

Note that the Hospital from Dumbvile isn’t always indexed beneath desk, which calls for one hundred,000 to repair with 3 hours repair instances; and generates forty five in keeping with minute and may save up to 10,000 before get accrued. It also has +50% Token multiplier enhance.CtR = Cost to RepairRT = Repair TimeTC = Token Capacity※ = 3750/20000/125000 consistent with every enviroments (except for Dumbville) for a medium residence that has a Bean as a praise.

Fully repaired Dumbville on account that ver. 1.05

Fully repaired Dumb Peak on the grounds that ver. 1.05

Fully repaired Dumbgypt in view that ver. 1.05

Fully repaired Dumbtune due to the fact that ver. 1.05

Fully repaired Dumbcove in view that ver. 1.07

Fully repaired Dumbcastle in view that ver. 1.08Minigames[]Flying Fiasco[]How to manipulate:Hold at the display to let the aeroplane upmaintain off the display to permit the aeroplane downOverview:

This minigame is related to Dumbville.

In this minigame, the purpose is to fly via hoops, keep away from obstacles, and get a high rating to then, care for your different cities. In a form of way, it’s far like flappy fowl.Achievements:Collect one hundred twenty five tokens in a unmarried spherical – one thousand Earn a rating of seven hundred in a unmarried round – 1 Epic GiftFly through 25 hoops in a unmarried spherical – 1 Epic GiftSnow Safari[]

Passing a D-fashioned route within the center phaseHow to manipulate:Touch the display to change the route of BeanPress the display a chunk long time to trade the route of Bean with faster paceOverview:

This minigame is related to the surroundings Dumb Peak.

To succeed in this mini recreation, you need to keep away from barriers even as your bean is on skis and can control it. To get bonus points, you need to ski among the flags. There are blizzards to make you go one manner until you tap and keep the screen to ski quicker through the wind, and penguins crossing between the different sides of the hills.Special strategy for the Ski between (n) Flags Achievements:

You need to avoid “chain mixture” so as to obtain them without difficulty. Because the difficulty increases depending on the game ratings; getting high rankings will accelerate the Bean’s pace and the final yet toughest phase (around after 2500 scores) could be met quick. Thus, it’s miles recommended to skip some flags as a way to decelerate those elements. This method is likewise useful for “Collect (n) Tokens in a unmarried round” achievements too, however passing among flags isn’t always vital.Achievements:Pyramid Run[]How to govern:Touch the screen to permit the Bean soarHold the display, the soar higher.Overview:

This minigame is related to the surroundings Dumbgypt.

To get an awesome rating you may want to jump over obstacle. the limitations are spikes water falling pads tnt and holes. To keep away from those you tap to jump. If you tap and maintain you jump better.Achievements:Culinary Chaos[]How to govern:Tap the display screen to cut and slice mealsAvoid the kitchen home equipmentOverview:

You ought to chop the elements and avoid the kitchen appliances. Chopping a kitchen equipment will electrocute and stun the bean for a while, it must pass through the road so it will likely be filtered through a magnet. In contrast, the ingredients need to be cut in a line and if a raw ingredient passes via the line, the blender will explode and break, resulting in the game over.Achievements:Pyramid Slide[]How to govern:Swipe to change lanesTap to leapOverview:

This minigame is similar to Pyramid Run, and associated with Dumbgypt, exepct you’re sliding on a sarcophagus.

To get an amazing rating, try and destroy the crystals that appear across the map, as they give you factors.Achievements:Rafty Rapids[]How to govern:Hold on the display screen to permit the boat head on left and vice versaOverview:

This minigame is similar to Flying Fiasco and related to Dumbcove, except the sport is performed in vertical screen.Achievements:Castle Catastrophe[]How to control:Rotate the display screen via swiping the display horizontallyOverview:

This minigame starts with a bean free of a cage. you need to rotate the display and keep away from boundaries which includes lava, spikes, monster chests and extra. Bouncing on a penguin will reward extra coins. And is associated with Dumb Castle.Achievements:Gifts (Loot Boxes)[]

Three forms of Gifts may be bought in recreation:

Note that Common and Rare Gifts can also praise a Bean/Costume/Paint/Ornament with the rarity higher than the Gift itself, which include Epic items. And the Rare and Epic Gifts do not reward any Common objects.Version facts[]

Click this hyperlink to see version records of the sport.Obsolete contents[]Main features[]Life system[]

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