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The “For Those About to Code World Tour” is coming for your country and metropolis near you (and genuinely) in 2021! Come and examine the topics underneath, have a few amusing, and win exceptional software!

Request dotNetDave to speak at your event! Click here for more statistics.Length: 1 – 2 hours

Is your software or provider strolling sluggish? Are they gobbling up too much reminiscence? Do you need to reboot servers or services each occasionally, and you don’t have any idea why? Well, I understand exactly why! I actually have reviewed tens of millions of traces of code from Microsoft .NET projects and hands down, the number one issue is not handing disposable sorts efficiently.

Microsoft .NET has been around for two decades and one element that is very important for every developer to realize is exactly how memory management works within the runtime. If you don’t, you will cause overall performance problems but extra critical is causing virtual memory leaks. The manner that .NET changed into designed returned inside the late ’90s is that it does no longer have memory leaks inside the proper experience, however it could create digital reminiscence leaks.

In this session, I will show examples and metrics from a actual-global in manufacturing solution. If developers do now not deal with those sorts whilst the code is first written, it is going to be very, very steeply-priced and time-eating to repair later down the road (if they even get constant). The main topics included in this session are nicely disposing items, how to properly put into effect the IDisposable interface for sorts which you create, and I will finish up via showing gear that let you find these troubles so you too may be a Code Shark!Röck Yoür Cöde: Seven Important Requirements for Any Successful Project ™Length: 1 – 1.five hours and additionally as a Keynote

I even have stated to engineers till I am blue inside the face that control, for the most component, does no longer care about code satisfactory or code & application overall performance. They just want to “deliver it” and get their bonuses!

But you, being the developer, can be left conserving the bag if something is going incorrect, not control, which can lead to you losing your activity. Also, whilst predominant changes must be made that reasons you to do quite a few re-writing of the code, management gets upset that it is taking goodbye. Therefore, right architecture, requirements and greater are so vital. I will talk what each app that goes into manufacturing need to at a minimum have. The seven subjects that I will talk are key to launching a brand new app or gadget that customers will love and keep using!

This is part of my series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer at A Time”.

Röck Yoür Cöde: Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET ™Length: 1 – 1.5 hoursRock Your Code: Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET

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Rock Your Code: Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET

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This session will manual any level of programmer to extra productiveness by using presenting the information needed to write regular, maintainable code. Learn about not unusual coding mistakes, code fashion, software setup, writing higher types and plenty, a great deal more. Code suggestions are included to help you write higher, errors-free packages. This session is based totally on my e-book, Rock Your Code: Coding Standards for Microsoft .NET. After attending this consultation, you will be a Code Shark™ similar to me! This is a part of my series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer at A Time”.

Note: Even even though code examples on this consultation are in .NET, the concepts may be applied to any language.Here’s What Attendees Are Saying About This Session

Joseph D. – I noticed this presentation on the SoCal Code Camp and was a little shell-shocked about all the things that the alternative courses (Pluralsite, MVA, Channel nine) did not country.

Please take my Coding Standards Survey before attending this session.

Check out the Coding Standards For The Real World webcast I did foröck Yoür Cöde: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET ™Length: 1 – 1.5 hours

The overall performance of code is usually some thing this is very crucial. It’s even greater critical in case your again-cease apps are processing tens of thousands of requests per second which incorporates microservices. In this consultation, I will monitor the dos and don’ts in terms of improving code performance whilst writing enterprise software. Some code I will show may be as much as ninety eight% quicker! Reducing memory that your app uses is also very critical and can be discussed in element. All demos in this consultation work with .NET Framework and .NET. This is part of my series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer at A Time”.Here is what attendees are saying approximately this session

Bob R. – David gave an incredible presentation on code performance. He showed us how, why, and to what degree diverse coding methods improved the performance of an software. Lots of pointers and tricks!

Will S. – David McCarter rocked us with .NET overall performance suggestions and tricks! And you all have to comply with it, like a roadie!Objectives:Learn a way to use .NET Core or .NET Framework for excessive-performance websites and again-quit offerings.Learn how performance impacts reminiscence and memory impacts overall performance.Learn the way to use 1/3-party merchandise to locate and attach performance and memory troubles.Röck Yoür Cöde: Defensive Programming for Microsoft .NET ™Length: 1 – 1.5 hours

This consultation brings writing higher code to the subsequent degree. Do you revel in receiving malicious program tickets from QA? I didn’t think you’ll, so this consultation will provide strong practices that I were the usage of for most of my programming career to test-in to source best rock-solid code. You will examine my #1 mantra, together with over thirteen policies, that I use at the same time as writing code that allows me to jot down new code (capabilities) and stay out of renovation mode hell. This is part of my series titled “Improving Code Quality… One Developer at A Time”.

Note: Even although code examples on this session are in .NET, the principles can be implemented to any language.

Please take my Coding Standards Survey earlier than attending this consultation.

Miss this session or want to see it once more? You can via clicking right here.Röck Yoür Cöde: Real World Cloud App From Start to Finish ™Length: 2 hours

This session, up to date for 2020, will show how I created a cloud software from start to complete the usage of Microsoft Azure to feature capabilities to a legacy app. The consultation will start off with the function requirements observed by means of the architecture and layout. The the rest of the consultation will display how I coded the following application layers:The information layer offering Cosmos DB.The business layer featuring Azure ServiceBus Queues and Azure Functions.The communications layer the use of Azure App Service.The consumer revel in layer using ASP.NET Core & Blazor.The identification layer using the Azure Key Vault.

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